Celebrating Golden Jubilee of Assam Agricutural University, Jorhat, Assam - India

Climate Change and Natural Resource Management

1) Climate science and modeling; Impacts and adaptation assessment; Hazard prediction and preparedness, Hydrologic modeling; Snow and glaciers; Water governance: Efficiency and innovation

2) Carbon sequestration; Crop response to Climate change. Climate Change in Himalayan ecosystem. Agroforestry is an appealing option for sequestering carbon on agricultural lands .Forests, Carbon and Climate Change – Local and International Perspectives. Assessment of ecosystem services imparted by forests

3) Environmental problems of the Indian Himalayan Region

4) Earth Science & Geo Science , Use of remote sensing GIS, and in agriculture, Crop modeling

5) Environmental Management of Urban areas and forest. Protected areas- management issues & solutions. Disaster mitigation and management

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

1) Status, threats to and management of biodiversity; Biological invasions; Payment for ecosystem services

2) Ecosystem- Agriculture and Biodiversity Research & Documentation:– Emerging Approaches & Techniques.

3) Biodiversity & Conservation:– In-situ and ex-situ methods, Mountain Biodiversity-Landscapes, Aquatic Biodiversity Research,

4) Wildlife Research, Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods.

5) Crop and animal diversity, Agro-ecosystems and Importance of Wetlands, Cultural, Spiritual and Linguistic Linkages of Biodiversity Plant, Animal and Microbial Bio-resources- Taxonomy, Conservation, Endemism, Scopes and challenges, Himalayan Biodiversity Special– Research, Conservation. Tourism concept.

Sustainable Agriculture/ Horticulture and animal husbandry and fisheries

1) Crop response to climate change, Sustainable crop productivity in relation to climate change, Integrative crop management for food security.

2)Suitable technological packages and delivery systems for sustainable development of the region in harmony with local perceptions.

3) Molecular biology of plant and animal , Physiological and molecular aspects of stress, stress concept in biology, phyto-remediation and nutrition stress

4) Propagation packages of high value plants in horticulture

5) Peace full use radiation technology in agriculture e.g. development of variety through mutation etc.

6) Animal husbandry , Organic agriculture, plant protection

7) Fishery science applications including recovery planning, design of marine protected areas, fisheries management, marine mammal conservation, stock assessment, anthropogenic impacts on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. , policy and decision making, and sociopolitical and socioeconomic impacts of management actions

8) Post harvest technology in agriculture , horticulture , fish and animal products

9) Challenges in improvement of plantation, forage aromatic & medicinal Plants, Integrated pest management; Soil, water and nutrient management

10)Waste management: Industrial and agricultural Radioactive Waste Management

Human Health Sustainability under changed climate

Life style related diseases : opportunities and challenges, Climate Change Threatens Health, Climate Change and Occupational Health , and Diseases, nutrition Mental Health, Impact of climate change on Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis E, bioavailability of iron and vitamins for human health , impact of climate change on areas of cancer, stroke, diabetes, vector borne disease, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, arthritis, skin disorders etc. GIS mapping of vector borne disease with geo-climate factors. Public health interventions of Health on Women and Child development, social justice etc

Gender, IPR Livelihood

1) Tribal and village lively hood , Nutrition, health and well-being; Development for marginalized groups

2) Conservation and Livelihood, Biodiversity Laws, Traditional Knowledge System

3) Capacity building and skill development, Women's empowerment and enterprises

4) Promotion of conservation education; harnessing religious sentiments for restoration of ancient sacred forest

5) Gender sensitization in NRM. Indigenous Knowledge Documentation and Database

6) Intellectual Property Rights and Bio-piracy, Peaceful use of atomic energy in medical science

Other diversified field of research

1) Possibility of use cosmic energy in biological field

2) Identification characterization of medicinal plant

3) Information technology related to climate change

4) Ayurveda , Yoga and naturopathy , Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy, Traditional Tibetan Medicine and other indigenous medicine system