Celebrating Golden Jubilee of Assam Agricutural University, Jorhat, Assam - India

About the conference

The world community as a whole is today aware that climate change has become a reality, mainly because of the fact that everyone has experienced the impact of the change, particularly during the last one decade. That was also the period to frame appropriate policies, strategies and research projects to develop technologies and measures for a climate friendly world. The impact has, however, been observed to a larger extent in the field of agriculture prompting the nation to launch programmes like National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) and many other such programmes throughout the globe.

The Prof. H.S. Srivastava Foundation for Science and Society, Lucknow (PHSSF), and Assam Agricultural University is highly concerned about creating an environment for climate resilient agriculture, and is of the opinion that the countries should also exchange their approaches, and results obtained so far with the world community engaged in the development of climate resilient agriculture. AAU & PHSSF in a joint venture, is planning an International Conference on ‘Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture’, scheduled on 13-16 December, 2018 at AAU, Jorhat, to create a platform for international partners together with national partners to formulate appropriate policy and research directions for achieving the climate neutral goal at the shortest possible time.

Objectives of the society

It is a great privilege for the society to pave the way for interactions among the world class scientists concerning sustainable development, utilization of non-conventional and renewable sources of energy, and to undertake research as well as extension for augmentation of scientific culture and heritage of society.

Aims of ICCBSA-2018

To bring together all stakeholders in a single platform to share knowledge, academic debate and to highlight climate change, biodiversity, agriculture sustainability research and academic activities being carried out in Universities, Research institutes, NGOs and corporate bodies across the globe.