Celebrating Golden Jubilee of Assam Agricutural University, Jorhat, Assam - India

Conference Chair & Co-Chair



Dr. D. C. Uprety
Former National Fellow and Principal Scientist
Plant Physiology, IARI, New Delhi

Co - Chairman

Co - Chairman

Dr. C. Viswanathan
Head Division of Plant Physiology
Editor in chief, Indian Journal of Plant
Physiology, New Delhi

Steering Committee


  • Mr. A. Saikia, ACS, Registrar, AAU, Jorhat, Assam, India

Co - Chairman:

  • Dr. Anup Das, Jt. Registrar, AAU, Jorhat, Assam, India


  • Dean, Faculty of Agriculture
  • Dr. A.K. Bhattacharyya, DR (Agri.)
  • DEE, AAU, Jorhat
  • Dr. S. Kaur, Dean, Home science
  • Dr. C. Hazarika, DPGS, AAU, Jorhat
  • Dr. D.K. Borah, DSW, AAU, Jorhat
  • Dr. P. Baruah, Prof. & HoD, PBG.
  • Dr. M. C. Talukdar, Prof. & HoD, Hort.
  • Dr. A. Rahman, Prof. & HoD, Entomology
  • Dr. B. Guha, Prof. & HoD, Agronomy
  • Dr. R. Karmakar, Prof. & HoD, Soil Sc.
  • Dr. S. C. Baruah,Prof. & HoD, THT
  • Dr. T. C. Sharma, Prof. & HoD, Agril. Biochem, AAU, Jorhat.
  • Dr. R. K. Thakuria, Chief Sci., W.M., AAU, Jorhat